Budgeting is an essential instrument in business planning. Small business owners may manage their businesses in a relaxed manner without running budgeting procedures. But if your business is growing, it becomes difficult to improvise with handheld direction of cashflows, which can lead to cash gaps and interrupt operations. With the business development money will start moving in different directions through your organization causing shortage of the financial resources in different business process areas. It is not a rear event as the money is a scarce fueling resource which requires managerial discipline.

Regardless of the size of a business, future business planning requires periodic target funding, therefore budgeting is needed. Budgeting is a vital instrument of regulating cashflows and controlling expenditure. Budgeting also allows investing in new opportunities at the proper time.


Budgeting gives an advantage of:

  • controlling business finances
  • increasing abilities to meet business efficiency objectives
  • increasing abilities to make confident financial decisions
  • making sure there is enough financial resources to implement future plans
  • making sure started initiatives will be subsequently funded

Budget outlines how the funds will be spent and how those funds will be accumulated for further spending. But we keep in mind that budgeting is not forecasting. Forecasting is predictions while budgeting is a planned outcome of the future operations. The planned outcome is defined by the plans that set for future achievement.


Budgeting increases the following capabilities:

  • reaching planned business goals and objectives
  • planning for the future
  • effective management of the financial resources
  • appropriate allocation of the scarce resources among projects
  • performance monitoring and analysis
  • decision-making process improvement
  • advance financial problem identification
  • personnel motivation improvement

Suomin Consulting offers clients services for organization of budgeting processes as a part of Internal Management Systems, which is Internet real-time highly flexible easy manageable tool designed to meet most demanding needs.

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