Business Plan

Regardless of business environment tendencies and peculiarities, business planning remains an essential part of strategic business accomplishments and efficient operations. Any business needs to have a defined mutually shared strategic vision, understanding of the business environment in which the business operates and the economic grounding for the investment returns expectations. Business planning is a foundation of a business development, an effective tool in the management of a business entity and a guiding assistant in all entrepreneurial startups.

The business plan (services) offered by Suomin Consulting can be a written outline or a formal statement that evaluates all market and economic aspects of a business venture describing expected returns and future business expectations. The business plan will also provide explanations why such expectations are reasonable. It will include a definite plan for reaching the expected results with detailed background information about the organization and the management team responsible for attaining the expected results.

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Market Research

Market research can be needed at every stage of the business development beginning from startup stage and continuing at any point of product, market or organization changes. Market research provides important information about the target market size, growth, customers, tendencies, competition and other factors that are essential in building strategic objectives. Market Research is one of the key instruments in gaining competitive advantage.

Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling refers to the process of constructing projections of the future business operations. Financial Modeling provides a possibility to consider and analyze all income statement elements, to see the operational weaknesses, and it can serve as the basis for DCF business valuation. Financial Modeling allows estimation of the future cash flows and profit margins. Therefore, financing modeling is an essential instrument in valuation of your future business capabilities. Application of such an instrument in your business planning will increase your competitive advantage.


Budgeting is an essential instrument in business planning. Small business owners may manage their businesses in a relaxed manner without running budgeting procedures. But if your business is growing, it becomes difficult to improvise with handheld direction of cashflows, which can lead to cash gaps and interrupt operations. Regardless of the size of a business, future business planning requires periodic target funding, therefore budgeting is needed. Budgeting is the most effective instrument to control business cashflow. Budgeting also allows investing in new opportunities at the proper time.

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Suomin Consulting offers clients services for organization of budgeting processes as a part of Internal Management Systems, which is Internet real-time highly flexible easy manageable tool designed to meet most demanding needs.

Depending on our clients needs we can deliver any of the mentioned above business planning services as a separate project, or we can combine them, when possible, in an appropriate mix to meet clients demands.

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