Strategy Development

Most people, who manage businesses, are so busy working on the current operational business issues, that they never find time to look for strategic opportunities or improve their business competitive advantage. Therefore they fail to use the opportunities provided by the markets or, in other words, they fail to achieve what they might be able to achieve within their markets.

Suomin Consulting offers proven systematic approach to the development of business strategies that maximize value of businesses. As strategy nowadays is a subject of application, rather than a discipline, the apparent supporting disciplines for strategy are economics and organizational sociology. Suomin Consulting addresses these disciplines to define the approach in which the process of strategy definition and its implementation are connected.

Suomin Consulting offers services not only in polishing, formalizing and blessing the existing strategy for investors and public comfort. We make our best efforts to reveal strategic potentials, we find ways to achieve those potentials and, thus, increase the value of a business. In the strategy development process, we go from analytics to strategy implementation by creating supportive technology-driven work environment within the company, which serves as the basis for implementation of newly adjusted business strategy.

Suomin Consulting offers the following approach to the business strategy development:


Strategic Diagnostics

The first stage of business strategy development is focused on the analysis of the match between the internal capabilities of the company and its external business environment. Suomin Consulting experts use proven analytic techniques to gain understanding of the companys position within its current and potential markets. We analyze rivalry and define the companys competitive abilities in order to obtain an idea where the potential for strategic improvements can be revealed.


Engineering of Strategic Alternatives

We design strategic alternatives based on the companys capabilities, potential capabilities, revealed strategic opportunities and external threads. On agreement of basic assumptions behind the designed strategic alternatives with the companys management, we undertake quantitative and qualitative analysis to define strengths and weaknesses of each newly designed strategy.>

This stage of business strategy development also assumes making choice and formalizing the companys future strategy, which is aimed to make the best fit in chasing for the achievement of revealed strategic opportunities.


Implementation of Selected Strategy

Strategy development is much more than just planning, visioning and forecasting. In the current highly competitive business environment and changing economy, all key practical issues of strategy development have been redefined as issues of implementation.

Suomin Consulting offers services in implementation of selected strategy. Strategy Implementation is possible to accomplish only with appropriate tools providing technical capabilities for corporate and cultural change within the organization. At this stage we design socio-cultural criteria for the organization, define and confirm key production indicators (KPIs) and implement them using the Suomin Consulting Internal Management Systems, which is the product of unique combination of business advisory and internet technologies.

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The modern top executives must manage the balance between the internal capabilities and external pressures from rapidly changing competitive business environment to chase for revolutionary business strategies that would help increase competitive advantage and, therefore, increase value of a business. Suomin Consulting offers companies to benefit from the unique opportunity to use advisory services in synergetic combination with internet technologies to increase competitive advantage by improvement of corporate culture and achievement of strategic goals.


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