Due Diligence

Due Diligence is a process of making sure you understand how the business you consider is doing. The need for due diligence consulting services may come from several reasons:

  • You are looking for opportunities to enter a new market by making an acquisition of an existing company
  • You consider starting a new business at an existing market
  • You are looking for any emerging market opportunities
  • You are planning to acquire an existing company which will perform as a part of your business group

Due Diligence will help you to make the best decision about investment opportunities based on comprehensive understanding of the target and the business environment in which it operates.

Due Diligence may test different aspects of the target company such as marketing, strategic positioning, finances, management, expansion opportunities, current and potential issues, etc. But regardless of the aspects under the due diligence consideration, it is all about estimation of the targets abilities to successfully perform and develop in the future.

Origin of "Due Diligence"

"Due diligence" is a term used for a number of concepts involving an investigation of a business prior to signing an (acquisition) contract with a certain "standard of care" (sufficient degree of prudence and caution). The term "Due Diligence" is usually applied to voluntary investigations, but in some cases especially in the developed countries this process can be a legal obligation.

The term "due diligence" first appeared in the result of the United States' Securities Act of 1933, which was enacted by Congress after the stock market crash in 1929 and during the ensuring the Great Depression. This Act included a defense strategy referring to as the "Due Diligence" defense, which could be used by broker-dealers when accused of inadequate disclosure of material information concerning the target company to investors.

The entire broker-dealer community promptly institutionalized due diligence as a standard practice. They started conducting due diligence investigations of any stock offerings in which they involved themselves, because such a practice was found efficient and met all desirable standards of care decreasing transaction risks.

Originally the term "due diligence" was used regarding public offerings of securities investments. Later "due diligence" came to be associated with investigations of private acquisitions and mergers as well. The term "due diligence" has eventually been adapted for use in other situations when prudence and caution of action was required.

Due Diligence Professional Services

Suomin Consulting offers you a large spectrum of business investigation services in Ukraine, which includes but is not limited to:

Commercial Due Diligence, which we mostly recommend, incorporates the largest scope of work and is fully sufficient for any strategic or financial business decision about a target. On a client request we can also offer a combination of the offered due diligence services or address our partner relations to deliver you additional services such as legal or tax due diligence of a target company.

Suomin Consulting offers highly flexible consulting service designed to meet your high standard demands. We are always ready to meet you at your short notice, discuss and agree on the scope of work, conduct requested consulting services meeting the deadlines and deliver you the report with our recommendations.

We always agree fees and deadlines before project assignment. Throughout the project process we maintain contact to keep you updated on all the essential details that we have revealed during the due diligence process and that can influence you investment decision.

If you are planning to invest in Ukraine, ask those who operate in Ukraine. Ask Suomin Consulting professional services, young but vigilant professionals, who have operated in domestic consulting industries since 1999.

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