Suomins Five Forces of Entrepreneurship

Internal perspective method aimed to provide and facilitate long-tern drive for successful business development. Explanation of the Five Forces of Entrepreneurship by Edward Suomin.

What is Suomins Five Forces of Entrepreneurship? Description

This methodology addresses entrepreneurs mindset regarding the internal motivation factors and drivers for the business organization and decision making. Suomins Five Forces of Entrepreneurship proposes to view the whole variety of business organizational aspects, from idea and vision to marketing and sales, being the manifestation of the five forces which shape the possibility of the long-term success.

There are three perceived forces and there are other two, which have to be discovered personally by an entrepreneur (as they are initially hidden from the human perception). Relative to the entrepreneur internal view (mindset), the discovered two forces are opposite to each other. These hidden forces, when discovered, become the causation of the other three perceived ones. These two forces have to be cultivated and leveled by an entrepreneur to reinforce the positive long-term effects on the business (driven by the first three more tangible forces). The discovery, cultivation and leveling is the from within process which creates highly productive internal environment for the business development.

The Five Forces of Entrepreneurship tool is offered by Edward Suomin as a solution to decrease the failure of start-ups and align developing businesses to long-term success. Being product focused, Suomins Five Forces methodology promotes the idea of added value creation in business organization initiatives.

Creative Forces (hidden)

Revealed, when addressing higher purpose of human existence through the realization of privilege to create. In terms of business, it is the ability to add value to what already exists.

Motivation Forces

Realization by an entrepreneur of the creative forces to be the ultimate drivers for the efforts made in the business activities. Such realization may take place when the core values of an entrepreneur are shifted from security and well-being to self-esteem and self-actualization.

Implementation Forces

Forces generated from the front line business activities team organization and interactions with clients. These forces appear from the results of combined workings of motivation and resistance forces. Although being a matter of causation, the Implementation Forces are the closest and most powerful to entrepreneur perception. These forces, when reconsidered, can be supportive and empowering.

Resistance Forces

These are negative forces which create obstacle perception for entrepreneurs. These forces have to be reconsidered in order to make progress in melting the perceived obstacles on the way of business development. The manifestations of these forces are habits and ability to act.

Whammy Forces (hidden)

Revealed, when addressing the egocentric nature of the human being. These forces are opposite to creative ones while present simultaneously at the same personality (entrepreneur). These forces are the cause of the negative effects manifested in resistance forces influencing entrepreneurs decision making and intensity of business activities. When discovered by an entrepreneur, whammy forces become the basis for reconsideration of the perceived resistance forces.

Strains of the methodology

The efficiency of the method may be vulnerable to the cognitive dissonance effect.

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