Achieving Competitive Advantage

The fundamental quantitative and qualitative changes in the current business environment require organizational improvements on an exceptional level. Today, the efficiency of internal organization and culture plays an essential role in the key characteristics of building competitive advantage - such as speed of actions, efficiency of efforts, ability to change and other. The application of top executives abilities to lead the organization through the power of intellect, diligence and vision creates synergies that drive companies to the achievement of competitive advantage and business success.

Suomin Consulting offers the information processing and culture improvement tools that will drive result oriented organizational changes towards obtaining competitive advantages and accomplishment of strategic goals. These tools, called SC Internal Management Systems, are designed to improve organizational culture, implement value-based leadership approaches and create corporate capabilities for the sustainable business success in the future.

Key Functions of SC Internal Management Systems

  • As an effective organizational tool, SC Internal Management Systems help create inspiring and empowering internal work environment within an organization providing a solid foundation for business culture improvement and for the success in achievement of strategic goals.
  • As a result oriented business tool, SC Internal Management Systems creates the necessary conditions for revealing and using the whole potential of employees to facilitate sales and maintain superior profit margins in the industry.

SC Operational Management System

This is the fundamental internal customized management system which operates internal financial information, monitors main business processes and organizes personnel on the basis of key production indicators according to value-based leadership approaches.

SC Strategic Management System

This system is installed on the basis of the SC Operational Management System. Besides all functions of the operational system, SC Strategic Management System also process external information to monitor the market position of the company comparing to the rivalry. This tool helps the company to become competitor-oriented. It empowers the business to pursue the right competitive strategy avoid strengths of competitors and look for weak points in their positions and then initiate marketing actions considering those weak points. SC Strategic Management System is a long-term asset which allows revising and reconsidering corporate capabilities and changing strategic objectives.

Required Criteria

We start the installation of SC Internal Management Systems on condition when the following criteria are defined and will not be under change within the process of installation:

  1. Vision and Strategy
  2. Organizational structure
  3. Accounting principles especially profitability calculations
  4. Principles of product construction or service delivery

Before starting the installation of SC Internal Management Systems we initiate the process of due diligence on the current formalized corporate procedures as a part of the installation project to reveal potential problems that could threaten the installation process. If one or several of the mentioned 4 items are not defined, we can offer our consulting services as an additional project to settle all issues before the installation of the SC Internal Management Systems.

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